What’s parging ?

What’s parging? Foundation Parging is not only decorative but it provides real function to your home or business as well. Parging involves providing a coating to the above grade portion of your home’s foundation directly to the poured concrete. The main purpose of Parging is to protect against inclement weather and potential leaks and cracks in your foundation. It can also fill in your foundation and make it look nicer for your home’s curb appeal. With the help of a qualified parging expert you can get the perfect look for your home or business as well as ensure that your foundation is well protected for the future.


parging repair foundation Foundation Parging repair

Adding Parging can be like adding a brand-new layer of insulation to your home. If you have a finished basement or you regularly spend time in your basement area, you can see a real difference when it comes to heating and cooling your basement with reduced energy costs.As your foundation begins to settle, Parging might come off and this can leave your foundation directly exposed to cracking and leaks from snow and other potential hazards. With the Parging put back in place your home can once again have that barrier of protection.If your parging is breaking off and making a mess around the foundation, repairing your parging can actually breathe new life into your home and potentially help you to change the way your foundation looks and gives it a fresh look pictures parging or parging videos 

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