Parging over foundation walls

Parging Cement Add a refined look and texture to exterior walls with the Ultra Bond parge mix by Bomix. Add a coating to blocks or wire mesh or around a building’s foundation. The material is durable, bonds well to masonry and concrete, and it protects against the elements. This concrete parging mix contains additives to keep it in place when applied vertically, even when the surface beneath is smooth. It’s also easy to prepare. This bag contains 30 kg (66 lbs) of mix and is suitable for residential as well as commercial use hen trowel on your to the concrete. You can buy parging mix—you just add water and mix it together.

What’s parging ?

A parge coat is a thin coat of a cementitious or polymeric mortar applied to concrete or masonry for refinement of the surface. Pargeting is a more involved process, involving designs in relief created in the surface.

Parging edmonton is usually applied with a trowel and pressed into the existing surface. The intent is to create a contiguous surface by filling imperfections such as surface air voids created by bughole induced outgassing, to level a surface for aesthetic reasons, or to prep a surface for topcoating with an additional form of protective coating.

Parging is a low-cost alternative to repointing, providing structural cohesiveness to masonry walls whose mortar has begun to fail. Parge coating can also be used to create air tightness for apartments.

Parging services

Parging over IcfConcrete–block–brick–wood

brick design parging

Parging repair

Trowel texture (California Style)

Smooth texture

Acrylic texture

Parge is the process of coating the exterior walls of a foundation with a protective coat of cement. Certain foundations require specific treatment. You can put your trust in Alta Exterior Ltd to complete your parge with care and precision. Not only will your foundation benefit from a protective coat of mortar, but the finished look is also aesthetically pleasing. Free Estimate Edmonton Alberta 7809776863

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