Parging over Concrete

Parging Over Concrete

Concrete walls by its nature are ugly and if left exposed, they can cause various hazards. Servicing in Edmonton and surrounding areas, we are experts in any kind of parging work. To beautify and increase the appeal of your walls, contact us and take advantage of our parging over concrete services.

Do you need to repair the parging around your house? Are there cracks and crumbling on the walls? Left unattended they will continue to get worse and allow water to seep in causing major damage , mould, fungus and decay and devaluing your house. It also lets in bugs, mice, spiders etc. At this time of the year I don’t do outside parging but you can email me to be on a list for next spring. If you need inside work done feel free to contact me. Make your basement livable and useful again. If you have crumbling basement walls or cracks in the cement I can repair and seal that to a like new condition. It will look so good you won’t even have to drywall it and it will be easier to maintain.. However if you want, you can paint or drywall knowing the walls are solid. If you want to finish your basement I don’t recommend putting drywall over the crumbling cement as it will hold the moisture and mildew and the walls will corrode more with time and be bad for your breathing especially during the switching on of your furnace.

I can repair, restore, and rebuild the walls to a like new condition. I can also repair corners that have deteriorated , window sills , Contact Alta Exterior Ltd