Parging over Icf–Concrete–block–brick–wood

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Parging over Icf

Parging over Icf

Gaining popularity during the last decade, ICF system provides better benefits to foundations compared to regular foundation system. Popular in newly built homes, ICF offers better insulation and protection. We can do all kinds of Parging on icf foundation

Parging over wood

Parging Over wood

When exposed, wood is very vulnerable to external factors. Especially, if the framing of a building goes into foundation walls, extra caution and protection is a must. To protect your foundation, take advantage of our parging over woods

Parging Over brick

Stonework is durable, however if left unattended bricks tend to lose some of its durability. Most of the time, problem is a matter of aesthetics, but it’s always better to take precautions to potential hazards. We provide parging over brick services to people who wish to improve their buildings aesthetics

Parging over foundation walls

parge coat

Concrete walls by its nature are ugly and if left exposed, they can cause various hazards. Servicing in Edmonton and surrounding areas, we are experts in any kind of parging work. To beautify and increase the appeal of your walls, contact us and take advantage of our

Parging is an affordable way to covers cracks, repair leaks or water damage, and … Parging work

Parging is commonly used at the bottom of a brick wall to protect the most vulnerable part of a building from water and snow. This is accomplished by applying a special type of cement to create a smooth flat surface. Parging is also used on exterior house walls and even on chimney’s to give your house a very smooth and classic look. Parged walls can also be painted.

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