Cracked Parging–What Are My Next Steps?

Is the parging around your house cracking or in need of repair? Alta Exterior Ltd helps answer this home dilemma question facing many homeowners.

Alta Exterior Ltd answered, “parging can be DIY, as long as you do it right. Start by chipping away at the cracked/loose concrete with a concrete chisel. Then brush the area with a wire brush—that will get rid of any loose bits, dust and debris. Then hose off the entire area with water. You can also add a little dish soap—parging sticks better to a clean surface. After it’s completely dry add a bonding agent to the concrete so the new parge sticks. It’s usually applied like paint. Then trowel on your parging mix to the concrete. You can buy parging mix—you just add water and mix it together. Remember to follow the instructions on the package.